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Audi Terminal Façades

The automotive manufacturer Audi has decided that in the following years all Audi Sales Centres must receive a façade that represents a uniform appearance. To achieve that, a very attractive façade design was selected that unifies dynamics, asymmetry and transparency as its most significant design feature. The outer skin consists of bent aluminium panels perforated with honeycomb shaped holes (hexagon holes).

According to Allman Sattler Wappner, Architects in Munich, “impressive windows are cut into the aluminium skin. Contrary to a solid façade, this provides these windows with a sense of significance and enable a view into the showrooms.

Moradelli was involved in the development of the design and is considered by Audi the recommended preferred vendor for these special façade components.

In coordination with façade manufactures and architects, the following projects have been implemented or are currently under construction:

Audi Terminal Ingolstadt

Audi Berlin/Potsdam

Audi Grainau/Garmisch

Audi Training Centre Munich (Indoor)

Audi Ingolstadt Audi Potsdam Audi Grainau Audi Trainingscenter München

Audi Geneva

Audi Athens

Audi Kreuzlingen


Audi Genf Audi Athen Audi Kreuzlingen


Audi Terminal Façades Videos, click here

Audi Terminal façades currently installed:



Audi Stara Zagora








Audi Backnang/Stuttgart

Audi Bad Tölz

Audi Berlin Babelsberg/Potsdam


Audi Berlin Zelendorf

Audi Gera

Audi Göppingen


Audi Grainau/Garmisch

Audi Hamburg

Audi Hanau


Audi Herborn

Audi Pavillon Ingolstadt

Audi Werk Ingolstadt


Audi Konstanz

Audi Ludwigsburg

Audi Mainz


Audi Training Centre Munich

Audi Nordstadt/Goslar

Audi Plettenberg






Audi Avignon

Audi Beauvais

Audi Castre


Audi Chambourcy

Audi Champiniers

Audi Escalquens


Audi Laon

Audi Les Ulis

Audi Mareuil-Les Meaux


Audi Melun

Audi Merignac

Audi Montauban


Audi Morlaix

Audi Nogent-le-Phaye

Audi Ruadin


Audi Saint Cyr Sur Loire

Audi Saint Germain en Laye







Audi Athens




The Netherlands:




Audi Amsterdam

Audi Armersfoort

Audi Groningen


Audi De Meern / Utrecht

Audi Rotterdam 







Audi Bagnolo Cremasco

Audi Bari

Audi Belluno


Audi Bergamo

Audi Crema

Audi Catania


Audi Latina

Audi Modena

Audi Pisa


Audi Rom

Audi Torino

Audi Verona


Audi Prescra

Audi Porcia







Audi display containers

Audi Bäretswill

Audi Bulle


Audi Collonge-Bellerive

Audi Geneva

Audi Kreuzlingen


Audi Lachen

Audi Langenthal

Audi Lutry


Audi Montagny-près-Yverdon

Audi Neuchatel







Audi Algeciras

Audi Lorca

Audi Madrit






Audi Letcani








Audi Balaschicha/Moskau

Audi Krasnodar

Audi Stavropol


Audi Rostov

Audi Ufa

Audi Saratov 


Audi Moskau East








Audi Minsk




Czech Republic:




Audi Ostrava

Audi Prag







Audi Casablanka




South Africa:




Audi Bloemfontein

Audi Claremont

Audi Durban


Audi East London

Audi George

Audi Kimberly


Audi Ladysmith

Audi Nothcliff

Audi Pietermaritzburg


Audi Rivonia

Audi Rustenbug

Audi Sandton


Audi South Coast

Audi Springs

Audi Umhlanga


United Arab Emirates:




Audi Dubai

Audi Abu Dhabi 







Audi Buenos Aires

Audi Cordoba

Audi Rio Grande






Audi Lo Barnechea








Audi Guatemala City








Audi Panama City








Audi Ciudad del Este








Audi Lima



 Audi facades

Audi facades





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